Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Landscape for Life Class at Diggin' It

This week at Diggin' It...

Landscape For Life

Join Landscape Designer Beth Matlock as she facilitates
Landscape For Life classes at Diggin' It.
Class 1-Saturday, Sept 6th
Class 2-Saturday, Sept 13th
Class 3-Saturday, Sept 20th
question and answer period after
Space is limited call to reserve your spot at

Landscape For Life was developed by the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center at the University of Texas in Austin, in conjunction with the United State Botanic Garden. The program teaches you how to get the garden that you want while working with your natural environment. Normally the class is composed of five two hour sessions and costs $250. At Diggin' It we will be doing a condensed version, focusing on the homeowner, and culminating in your own sustainable landscape design, and for considerably less money.
Class 1 - We will discuss: What a sustainable landscape is. The role that soil and water play in it. How you figure out what your soil texture and structure are. How to work with and protect your soil. How to be smart about your water use. Alternatives to municipal water. How to collect and maintain water on your property.

Class 2 - We will discuss: Native plants vs. adapted plants vs. invasive plants. The benefits of using native and adapted plants. Using your landscape to aid in energy conservation. Choosing hardscape and building materials. What materials can be reused and the clever ways to reuse unconventional things.

Class 3 - We will discuss and review a sustainable landscape design. We will review and discuss the plans that you have created based on the lessons that you learned in classes 1 & 2.

Each class will cost $10. If you take all 3 classes, the total will be $25.

Handouts of the presentation will be given out at each class. Please reserve your seat so that a correct number of handouts can be produced for each class. Let's save some trees. If you would like a copy of the complete Landscape for Life Student Manual, they can be purchased for $55. The manual will provide additional information to that presented during the classes. I will have a copy with me at each of the classes, so you are welcome to look through it.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

News From Diggin' It

Diggin' It is located in the renovated and refunkified old Greyhound Bus Station. You can find us 3 blocks off the square in Historic Downtown McKinney. We specialize in funky garden goods, far out flora and hip house stuff.
What's the buzz? Tell me what's a-happening..June 2014
In This Issue
Recurring & Upcoming Events
Quick Links
Hola, Diggin' It groupies,
Had an awesome spring - sold lots of parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. Speaking of thyme, it's time for summer - big sun, big sky, big fun. Diggin' my new neighbors across the street! Have lots of new classes, lots of new artists, and lots of funky, cool clothes and new stuff.
The newest of the new is our Second Sunday Spiritual Book Club (July 13th) from 3:30-5:30pm AND our Little Free Library which puts Diggin' It on the world map!

Latest Buzz 
New at Diggin' It: Little Free Library 
Our Little Free Library is in the old, repurposed telephone booth. Take a book. Return a book. Our Little Free Library puts Diggin' It on the world map, world map, WORLD MAP! Dedication July 13th at the first spiritual book club discussion.
New at Diggin' It: Sona Knox's Hands of God  
Sona Knox of The Art House in McKinney has graced Diggin' It with her unique sculptures called "Hands of God." Bless your home. Bless your friends. Bless your family with these one-of-a-kind creations.
Another Newbie: Cookie Arroyo's Handcrafted Rosaries!
Native McKinneyite Cookie Arroyo crafted her beautiful handmade rosaries from beads, stones & religious medallions. Hang them on the wall. Hang them around your neck. Use them in your spiritual ceremonies.  
Whirlygigs just in time for summer winds! Mesmorize yourself, your family and your neighbors with these fantastic whirly, swirly, squirrelly gigs!

Recurring & Upcoming Events  
Yoga with Sandra Douglas 
Mondays at 6:30pm
Class Fee: $5
Relaxed exercise with music and candlelight! This is a slow beginner class but offers some challenging postures as well. Taught by Sandra Douglas, a retired public school teacher who has been doing yoga for 13 years and who was certified in India in 2010. Space limited-call 469 952 3446 to reserve your mat ASAP!
Wednesdays at 6:30-8:00pm
Suggested donation: $15 per class or $40 per month  
To "be the change you wish to see in the world," we must first be able to know what it means to BE. Meditation is a way to connect with our inner BEing, often overlooked in today's hectic lifestyle. Studied and researched for decades in multiple countries, meditation has proven to be an effective tool in quieting the mind, creating a deep sense of inner peace, and to release tension and stress from the body and mind. Classes facilitated by Alyssa Summey.
Knittin' With Nita
2nd Thursday of each month at 6:30pm
Class fee: $5 for old knitters, $25 for new knitters (instructions/materials provided)
You too can knit in this Diggin' It class with Nita Thedford! Nita can help you whether you're just beginning or simply need a few pointers with knitting company! Email Nita at nitathed@gmail.com or inquire at Diggin' It (469-952-3446) for the theme and fee of each class and to register. Happy knitting! 
Reiki Healing Drum Circle
Second Friday of each month at 7:00-9:00pm
Suggested Donation: $10
Join us for an evening of healing rhythms led by Andre Jones, celebrating Summer with the theme "Drum Your Passion"! In this class drums and other noisemakers will be transformed into vibrational healing tools. You don't need any drumming experience for this class as the philosophy of drumming is about connecting to the beat within you, as healing, like rhythm, comes from within you. Drums (or other noise makers) will be available for you to use or you can bring your own.
Vision Board Collage Workshop 
Fourth Friday of each month at 6:30-8:30pm
Class Fee: $25 
Join Debo for a vision board collage class that uses self-expression as a means of self-awareness. All skill levels welcome--this class is about the process of self-discovery! Start off the evening on an introspective note by drawing an angel card to jump-start the process before creating a personal collage to explore your thoughts, motivations, goals, and wishes. Share as much of your self-discovery as you would like. All materials will be provided. Call Tracey to reserve your seat!
Second Sunday Spiritual Book Club
Second Sunday of each month at 3:30-5:30pm
Suggested Donation: $5
A book discussion of "The Untethered Soul" by Michael Singer (July 13th) led by Wisdom Seeker, Sharon Clayton, LPC. Please read in its entirety before discussion and bring your thoughts and questions. Bring something munchie to share if you are so inclined, if not, no biggie wow wow. Space is limited. Call 469 952 3446 to reserve your spot. 
Note: August 10th book review will be on Marianne Williamson's "Return to Love" and September, October and November book review will be Gary Zukav's "Return of the Soul" 25th Anniversary Edition
Awakening Your Soul: Touch Drawing Class
Sunday, June 22nd at 2:00-3:30pm
Class Fee: $20
Touch Drawing is one of the most beautiful, creative and expressive art techniques. It has endless applications as a tool for therapy, creativity, and spiritual awareness. It is a simple, yet profound, process. All you do is touch paper that has been placed over a surface of paint. The resulting impressions from your hands are seen on the other side of the page. Lines flow directly from your fingertips. You will be guided by music and visionary spiritual artist, Pete Taboada.
Astrology 101
Saturday, June 28th at 3:00-4:30pm
Suggested donation: $10
Houses, planets, suns, and moons - oh my! - do these celestial bodies confuse you? Find out what they mean with Teresa Smith. This class is offered for people with little or no knowledge of astrology but who would like to better understand the interpretations of their birth charts. Space is limited. Call 469 952 3446 to reserve your spot.
Sacred Stitching
Sunday, June 29th at 2:00-5:00pm
Class fee: TBA
This class is designed to help you meditate while sewing. Learn basic embroidery stitches while focusing your mind on your breath. Not only is it relaxing, but you will also create a meditation cloth that helps you ascend you to that level of meditation more easily. You can purchase supplies from the instructor, Jill Luigs, or bring your own. Call for more information and to reserve your spot.
The Art of Beingness Art Event
Saturday July 19th, 1:00-5:00pm
Join four local spiritual artists in a unique visionary and spiritual art fest. This day will be dedicated to sharing art that inspires creativity, awareness and enlightenment for the soul. Art Fest attendees will also have the opportunity to co-create with the artists by participating in an original community art project. The participating artists are quite varied in their mediums and will be sharing the source of their inspiration, how they create their art, and have original artwork for purchase. 
Word Mandala 
Saturday, August 2nd, 10am-4:00pm
Class Fee: $55
A mandala is a circular artwork often used for meditation. Learn how to design your own personalized mandala based on a word of your choice. It can be your name, a family name, business name, or any word that is meaningful to you. You will receive step by step instruction on how to draw and color an 8.5" x 8.5" mandala that is unique to you. No previous art or mandala experience is needed. All supplies are included.
Fredda's Mosaic Birdbath Class is BACK
Saturday, August 09th at 10am-1pm
Class fee: $85 (all materials provided)
Multimedia artist, Fredda Perkins, is reviving her much-loved mosaic birdbath class. Limited space available. Deposit required. Call 469 952 3446 to reserve your spot. AND, in case anyone wants to bring Tracey cake, it IS her birthday!!
Got a great idea for a future class? Please email Tracey Collins at tcollinstx@gmail.com.
- Words from the Universe: as written on the new inspirational Quotes wall! -

- Drop by to add to
the collective wisdom! -

For the latest news check out TheDigginitShop.com or follow Diggin' It on Facebook.
Diggin' It 
Tracey Collins
507b North Tennessee Street
McKinney, Texas 75069
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Diggin' It | 507b N. Tennessee | McKinney | TX | 75069

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Diggin' It and the McKinney Artist Studio Tours....MAST

Diggin' It is hosting a gallery of artists this weekend for the McKinney Artist Studio Tours or MAST.
Come see these incredible local artists demonstrating their craft.
Carolyn Hewitt, a longtime McKinney multi-media artist, will be demonstrating the art of creating a finger labyrinth. A reminder that even in chaos there is a path that leads to harmony. 
At 90 years young, Lor Clark, will be presenting her modern sculpture made using mixed mediums. Lor still drives herself to Curves where she works out weekly.  
The art of origami will be demonstrated by creative Chloe.
Teresa Smith will be decorative painting clay pots, and displaying her wonderful fiber arts.
Regina Butz will be showcasing her jewelry made from broken porcelain china, fiesta, and majolica pottery.
Kelley Bartlett of Morpho Studios will be exhibiting her Kaleidoscope creations.  Each piece begins with a word repeated in a radial design, as if you are looking through a kaleidoscope. She will demo from 2pm-5pm Saturday.
Mary Benedicto creates her works through a series of dots where the dot motif is the main focus paint application. Come see her amazing recycled, repurposed, creations. 
Debo Ricci will be doing "Vision Card Mini Demo."  Join Debo and learn how to make your own deck of "Vision Cards" for fun and folly. 
Local photographer Wendolin Mercado will be showing her latest venture, groovy stamped leather  jewelry. It's fun and funky and I know you will dig it.
Andre' Jones our Drum Circle facilitator will be sharing the philosophy of drumming. It's about connecting to the beat within you. Healing, like rhythm, comes from within you.
Julie Maxey will be showing mixed media painting technique. Julie will be joined by her grandson Preston Pennington who makes Industrial lamps.
Anne Bell and her granddaughter Zoe will be sharing their love of painting.
Nov. 9-10
Sat. 10-5
Sun. 12-5
Pick up a map at Diggin' It for the Studio Tours
507 N Tennessee
For more info go to www.mckinneyartstudiotour.com
Diggin' It 
Tracey Collins
507b North Tennessee Street
McKinney, Texas 75069

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It' S A flOWeR PoWer Of a SaLE

Come DiG through some hip stuff...we are marking it down, and moving it out.
Far-out deals will be made...
Wild and wonderful bargains will be had...
 Lot's of unloading of goods and clearing out clutter....
                                                getting ready for...
                                             NeW Groovy StUff

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Reiki Vibrational Drum Circle at Diggin' It

Reiki Drumming Vibrational Healing
"Open the Energy Gates through the Hearts Electromagnetic Field"

Diggin' It
507 North Tennessee Street
McKinney, TX 75069
Join Our Drum Circle Friday, August 16that 7:00 pm

Release your FIRE from your ROOT CHAKRA to your CROWN CHAKRA dismantling any mole hills or mountains that may be in the path!  We'll be focusing on CHAKRA BALANCING using colors, crystals, and music then setting our INTENTION for a clear energy pathway AWAKENING the KUNDALINI :)


You don't need any drumming experience. Drums (or other noise makers) will be available for you to use or you can bring your own.

The philosophy of drumming is about connecting to the beat within you. Healing, like rhythm, comes from within you.

Facilitated by: Special Guest, Nick Martin

Suggested donation $10.00
Reply to all

Monday, May 6, 2013

Mother's Day Week at Diggin' It

Why Would Anyone Wear That? Fascinating Fashion Facts Book Signing
Saturday May 11th, 3:00-5:00pm

Join us for a great Mother's Day weekend outing-a free book presentation and book signing event atDiggin' It! Author Celia Stall-Meadows and illustrator Leslie Stall Widener will give brief presentations on and sign copies of Why Would Anyone Wear That? Fascinating Fashion Facts. This beautifully illustrated book explores extreme fashions from many centuries and countries around the world, and evaluates the social and psychological reasons why people have adopted such outrageous styles in the name of fashion. Light refreshments will also be served. You can find more information about the book here, along with a video interview with the author.

And don't forget...

Knittin' with Nita Thursday May 9th, 6:30pm
Bring your current project and get pattern help $5
If you're a beginner Nita will provide a scarf kit and personal instructions for $25

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Organic Backyard Gardening with Steve Diver

You don't want to miss this...
Organic Backyard Gardening with Steve Diver

Join us for a lively and practical guide to organic backyard gardening from a renowned garden expert (and my brother-in-law) Steve Diver.
Steve... my organic "Garden Guru" is a permaculture expert, soil scientist, and former OSU Horticulturist and Agriculture A...gent. Steve will discuss the three pillars of eco-gardening--minerals, biology, and quantum energy--and help you to learn to bring vitality to your soil! During his nearly 30 years of experience working in organic and sustainable agriculture, Steve has lectured and published widely on organic farming, soil biology and fertility management, composting, and fruit/vegetable production systems.
In 2010, he established the Agri-Horticultural Consulting firm in Austin, Texas.

Steve will be talking dirt on....
Saturday April 13th, 10:30am-12:30pm $10
Join us for coffee, orange juice, a light snack and lot's of happy gardening talk!!
Space is limited please call to reserve a spot 469-952-3446

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

This week at Diggin' It

Florigraphy: The Victorian Language of Flowers

Saturday April 6th, 10:30-11:30am

Suggested Donation: $5

Join us for a class on a fascinating slice of gardening history led by Mary Nell Jackson--herb enthusiast, Collin County Master Gardener and Herb Society of America member. Mary Nell will discuss Florigraphy, the language of flowers, a tradition that came to England in the 1700's via Turkey and reached its peak during the Victorian era. All plants (flowers, herbs, trees) were assigned a meaning, allowing Florigraphy followers to express their thoughts through Tussie Mussies--small tight bouquets of specific flower combinations. Mary Nell will further discuss the concept and history of Florigraphy, demonstrate the craft, and share her collection of Tussie Mussie holders and vintage flower dictionaries (a staple for Victorian ladies!) during this informative and fun session!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

21 Habits of Happy People Happiness is a habit – cultivate it.” ~ Elbert Hubbar

Happiness is one aspiration all people share. No one wants to be sad and depressed.
We’ve all seen people who are always happy – even amidst agonizing life trials. I’m not saying happy people don’t feel grief, sorrow or sadness; they just don’t let it overtake their life. The following are 21 things happy people make a habit of doing:

1. Appreciate Life
Be thankful that you woke up alive each morning. Develop a childlike sense of wonder towards life. Focus on the beauty of every living thing. Make the most of each day. Don’t take anything for granted. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
2. Choose Friends Wisely
Surround yourself with happy, positive people who share your values and goals. Friends that have the same ethics as you will encourage you to achieve your dreams. They help you to feel good about yourself. They are there to lend a helping hand when needed.
3. Be Considerate
Accept others for who they are as well as where they are in life. Respect them for who they are. Touch them with a kind and generous spirit. Help when you are able, without trying to change the other person. Try to brighten the day of everyone you come into contact with.
4. Learn Continuously
Keep up to date with the latest news regarding your career and hobbies. Try new and daring things that has sparked your interest – such as dancing, skiing, surfing or sky-diving.
5. Creative Problem Solving
Don’t wallow in self-pity. As soon as you face a challenge get busy finding a solution. Don’t let the set backs affect your mood, instead see each new obstacle you face as an opportunity to make a positive change. Learn to trust your gut instincts – it’s almost always right.
6. Do What They Love
Some statistics show that 80% of people dislike their jobs! No wonder there’s so many unhappy people running around. We spend a great deal of our life working. Choose a career that you enjoy – the extra money of a job you detest isn’t worth it. Make time to enjoy your hobbies and pursue special interests.
7. Enjoy Life
Take the time to see the beauty around you. There’s more to life than work. Take time to smell the roses, watch a sunset or sunrise with a loved one, take a walk along the seashore, hike in the woods etc. Learn to live in the present moment and cherish it. Don’t live in the past or the future.
8. Laugh
Don’t take yourself – or life to seriously. You can find humor in just about any situation. Laugh at yourself – no one’s perfect. When appropriate laugh and make light of the circumstances. (Naturally there are times that you should be serious as it would be improper to laugh.)
9. Forgive
Holding a grudge will hurt no one but you. Forgive others for your own peace of mind. When you make a mistake – own up to it – learn from it – and FORGIVE yourself.
10. Gratitude
Develop an attitude of gratitude. Count your blessings; All of them – even the things that seem trivial. Be grateful for your home, your work and most importantly your family and friends. Take the time to tell them that you are happy they are in your life.
11. Invest in Relationships
Always make sure your loved ones know you love them even in times of conflict. Nurture and grow your relationships with your family and friends by making the time to spend with them. Don’t break your promises to them. Be supportive.
12. Keep Their Word
Honesty is the best policy. Every action and decision you make should be based on honesty. Be honest with yourself and with your loved ones.
13. Meditate
Meditation gives your very active brain a rest. When it’s rested you will have more energy and function at a higher level. Types of meditation include yoga, hypnosis, relaxation tapes, affirmations, visualization or just sitting in complete silence. Find something you enjoy and make the time to practice daily.
14. Mind Their Own Business
Concentrate on creating your life the way you want it. Take care of you and your family. Don’t get overly concerned with what other people are doing or saying. Don’t get caught up with gossip or name calling. Don’t judge. Everyone has a right to live their own life the way they want to – including you.
15. Optimism
See the glass as half full. Find the positive side of any given situation. It’s there – even though it may be hard to find. Know that everything happens for a reason, even though you may never know what the reason is. Steer clear of negative thoughts. If a negative thought creeps in – replace it with a positive thought.
16. Love Unconditionally
Accept others for who they are. You don’t put limitations on your love. Even though you may not always like the actions of your loved ones – you continue to love them.
17. Persistence
Never give up. Face each new challenge with the attitude that it will bring you one step closer to your goal. You will never fail, as long as you never give up. Focus on what you want, learn the required skills, make a plan to succeed and take action. We are always happiest while pursuing something of value to us.
18. Be Proactive
Accept what can not be changed. Happy people don’t waste energy on circumstances beyond their control. Accept your limitations as a human being. Determine how you can take control by creating the outcome you desire – rather than waiting to respond.
19. Self Care
Take care of your mind, body and health. Get regular medical check ups. Eat healthy and work out. Get plenty of rest. Drink lots of water. Exercise your mind by continually energizing it with interesting and exciting challenges.
20. Self Confidence
Don’t try to be someone that you’re not. After all no one likes a phony. Determine who you are in the inside – your own personal likes and dislikes. Be confident in who you are. Do the best you can and don’t second guess yourself.
21. Take Responsibility
Happy people know and understand that they are 100% responsible for their life. They take responsibility for their moods, attitude, thoughts, feelings, actions and words. They are the first to admit when they’ve made a mistake.
Begin today by taking responsibility for your happiness. Work on developing these habits as you own. The more you incorporate the above habits into your daily lifestyle – the happier you will be.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday Shopping at Diggin' It

'Tis the season to check out Diggin' It's unique holiday selection from local artists.  Just in . . .winter wear, jewelry, accessories, and plants to dress up the outdoors!!


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Vision Collage Workshop

 Ho, Ho, Ho... 
You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout,  
I'm telling you why...
Frantic times are coming to town!
Get your gal-pals together & take a break from "decking the halls".  
Join Debo for her
December Vision Collage Workshop....
"Holiday Wrap-Up"

When: Friday Dec. 7th
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Where: Diggin 'it, of course!
507 No. Tennessee St.
Cost: $25 (includes materials)
See you then...Jingle, Jingle...

Bring a friend and you BOTH get $5 off! 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

In the paper again!!!

diggin' it made it in the Dallas Morning News again!  Check out the article and stop by the store for some funky finds and local artists!

Diggin' It: McKinney’s colorful indoor-outdoor emporium by Rita Cook

"Folks still stop in at McKinney’s old Greyhound station, but not to catch the bus.


Photo credit by: Amy Rickwartz of Whole Hart Photography

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Drum Circle at Diggin' It

The drum is a musical instrument transformed into a healing tool.

Drumming is a return to wholeness.  It helps humanity maintain its innate connection to the rhythms of nature.

Drumming is about self-expression, relaxation, spirituality, quality of life and healing.

You don't need any drumming experience.  Drums and other noise makers will be available for you to use or you can bring your own.

The philosophy of drumming is about connecting to the beat within you.  Healing, like rhythm, comes from within you.

Join our Drum Circle on Friday, November 16th  from 7pm-9pm

Facilitated by: Reiki Master Teacher Andre'
Suggested donation  $10

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Diggin' It in DHome Magazine, Woohoo!

McKinney: Small-Town Feel, Big-City Perks

Visit the charming downtown of the Collin County seat.

by Dawn McMullan
Published 10.31.2012
From D Home NOV-DEC 2012
Billy Simmons and his partner, Marc Steib, grew up in small towns. After living in Richardson for more than a decade, they decided they wanted something different. One day, they stumbled upon downtown McKinney and fell in love...“You see people walking downtown all the time,” says Tracey Collins, who moved there 20 years ago and now owns a shop right off the square...Collins’ Diggin’ It garden shop, in the old Greyhound bus station, is a fun diversion.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Diggin' Painting

Hey gang this will be our last painting party of 2012 so come out and get your Art on!

Mari from our group had a fun suggestion so we are going with it....we are going to turn this photo of an ordinary "Rooster" to a "Cock of the Town". Join us this Thursday at 6:30!


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Into Diggin' It

All the fall merchandise is at Diggin' It! More arrivals daily.  Be cool, don't miss the hot items!!

Join Whole Heart Photography & Design.  Fall decorations, haystacks & pumpkins will be set about the store.  Create some memories with your little ones!
When: October 13th
Special Portrait packages begin at $50.00

Please visit the Little Pumpkin Portrait Event web page for details and to schedule your appointment.

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Friday, October 5, 2012


Pansies, viola, and kale coming today...just in time for the cool weather around the corner. Come get your Diggin' It Hoodie today...you're going to need it tomorrow!! Say you saw this post and get your hoodie for $25. Diggin' you people...and my hoodie!!!

Wholy Fit Fall Schedule

Restorative Stretching and Relaxation

Renewed Mind

Quiet Heart

Powerful Body

Regenerated Spirit

Bring your mat and join us at Diggin It!
New class schedule beginning October 3rd.

Wednesday Evening Candlelight Class

Friday Mornings

507 N. Tennessee


Contact Shawn Payne at

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Special Fall Portrait Event

The weather is cool and the colors are warm and cozy in the fall. It makes a perfect setting for portraits of your little pumpkin (or pumpkins).
Join Whole Heart Photography & Design at Diggin' It.  Fall decorations, haystacks and pumpkins will be set about the store, and we will have a special place in the garden set up to capture some keepsake photographs of your children. Create some memories with your little ones!
...and, if you schedule your appointment before Oct. 1st, you will receive a portrait print bonus gift.

When: October 13th
Where: Diggin' It —507 N Tennessee St McKinneyTexas 75069

Special Portrait packages begin at $50.00

Please visit the Little Pumpkin Portrait Event web page for details and to schedule your appointment.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

New Moon Workshop with Janet Landers

Janet'sPlanets LEO New Moon Astrology

The ultra creative and follow your bliss Leo New Moon is August 17th at 10:54 am CDT

Join us at Diggin' It, 507 N Tennessee St McKinney, Texas 75069 469-952-3446
Friday, August 17, 7-9:30 pm ....$25

The New Moon signals a time of development. There is an impulse to take action and begin something new, be it a small change in the way a life is viewed or s

imple changes which will facilitate smoother transitions. The energy is right for making impulsive passages and following your dispositions. This is the time to act from the soul and trust the process – take a risk, live in the moment. We will explore the transit in your chart and expand your creative potential!!

At the New Moon, we magnetize what we want, our heart's desire. This is a time of beginnings. You can set intentions that grow with the lunar light and reach fruition at the Full Moon.
New Moon in Leo themes:
...artistic self-expression
...children, real and "creative" ones
...passionate feelings, romance
...taking courageous risks
...the confidence to pursue what makes the heart sing
...parties, color,
...imaginative gifts
...emotional intelligence

Send.. date, place & time of birth to janetllanders@yahoo.com
or contact Janet at 214.218.7360

Sunday, July 29, 2012

I'm Diggin' My 2nd Anniversary

It was hot outside but cool in Diggin' It!!  Thanks to my customers for their constant support & the artists for participating in this special event. 
You Rock!! 

Artist Info:

Lucky Charm Beads

Stained Glass of Mckinney

Teresa's Sweet Things
Personal Chef & Artist

Hens & Chicks
Design Consulting & Sewology