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Thursday March 22, 2012
7:00 to 9:00 PM
507 N Tennessee, McKinney, Tx 75069

About the Forum - This month Janet Landers, McKinney Astrologer and host of the New Moon Astrology sessions at Diggin It, joins Jean-Pierre and Dominique, along with Dr. Carol Cole and Valerian Mayega in a panel discussion addressing spiritual interests in the 2012 paradigm. 

The panel will delve into the human role of developing Spiritual evolution during these exponential times. Each panel member brings years of wisdom and experience within the metaphysical community.

Questions are encouraged and can be submitted prior to the evening at and to Jean-Pierre at Bring your friends and join us for a lively evening of enlightened conversation!

THE PANEL : Dr. Carol Cole, Dominique, Janet Landers, Jean-Pierre, Valerian Mayega


Dr. Carol Cole Carol has been developing a unique holistic perspective since 1989. She has earned a B.A. in Speech and Drama, a M.A. in Communications and a Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy, or as she more accurately calls it, Relationship Counseling. She has used her “everything is connected to everything” perspective as she taught and counseled at Parker Chiropractic College in Dallas, TX.

She has worked in association with the Environmental Health Center in Dallas, TX, since 1989, both counseling clients with chronic illnesses and working with Debby Singleton, a preeminent teacher of total health, and founder of the Arasini Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to healing.

In her office at A Healing Place in Richardson she multitasks as a counselor, a member of an energy balancing team and as a mentor for change.

Dominique was educated in a catholic boarding school where she started her quest about the truth behind the 3 monotheist religions. As she was asking too many pertinent questions, the Dean of Students and Head Nun called her in her office to tell her that it was all right to question dogmas but to keep silent as not everybody was ready to question things and listen to the Truth. Since then she has been assiduously studying and enlarging her quest about religion, the roots of the bible and the historical truth behind all that. She is considered to be a scholar researcher in the history of ancient religions. Dominique can be reached at

Janet Landers is a practicing McKinney astrologer, using Universal Laws as foundational to her work. Her educational background  includes health and healing education in nursing from Marshall University and later Texas Women's University. Questioning the normal edical protocols, Janet expanded her training with Hemi-sync at The Monroe Institute, is also a Reiki III master, and is dedicated to lifelong learning of cosmology from many exceptional trainers and teachers. Janet can be reached at 469-219-0003 or email

Jean-Pierre 's extensive educational and scientific activities in the science of Gnostic Ancient Wisdom has undeniably positioned him as one of the world's leading contemporary voices and authority in the field.

Jean-Pierre has hosted innumerable classes, lectures and workshops on Ancient Wisdom / Kabbalah and Guematria/Numerology in the US as well as across the world to encompass Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Together with Dominique, he operates and runs CafĂ© Metaphysics, an esoteric awareness center in Richardson. Jean-Pierre can be reached at   

Valerian tells his friends that he did not find Oneness, that Oneness found him.

A father of two and a practicing electrical engineer, Valerian just recently came back from Oneness University where he took the ten day course and process to become a Oneness Trainer. Prior to that as a blessing giver he has hosted a regular Tuesday night blessing group in his Addison home for over a year.

Valerian’s metamorphosis began over 3 years ago, when his brother, also a Oneness Trainer, gave him his first blessing over the phone during a rough patch in his life.  A strong proponent of Oneness, he says “Oneness changed his life” to where he lives with a deeper bond with what is sacred to him day to day. A graduate of Columbia University, with an MS in Electrical Engineering, he says that it took him 33 years to discover that you cannot live a complete life without the Divine.  
507 N Tennessee, McKinney, Tx 75069.... call 469-952-3446

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