Thursday, November 7, 2013

Diggin' It and the McKinney Artist Studio Tours....MAST

Diggin' It is hosting a gallery of artists this weekend for the McKinney Artist Studio Tours or MAST.
Come see these incredible local artists demonstrating their craft.
Carolyn Hewitt, a longtime McKinney multi-media artist, will be demonstrating the art of creating a finger labyrinth. A reminder that even in chaos there is a path that leads to harmony. 
At 90 years young, Lor Clark, will be presenting her modern sculpture made using mixed mediums. Lor still drives herself to Curves where she works out weekly.  
The art of origami will be demonstrated by creative Chloe.
Teresa Smith will be decorative painting clay pots, and displaying her wonderful fiber arts.
Regina Butz will be showcasing her jewelry made from broken porcelain china, fiesta, and majolica pottery.
Kelley Bartlett of Morpho Studios will be exhibiting her Kaleidoscope creations.  Each piece begins with a word repeated in a radial design, as if you are looking through a kaleidoscope. She will demo from 2pm-5pm Saturday.
Mary Benedicto creates her works through a series of dots where the dot motif is the main focus paint application. Come see her amazing recycled, repurposed, creations. 
Debo Ricci will be doing "Vision Card Mini Demo."  Join Debo and learn how to make your own deck of "Vision Cards" for fun and folly. 
Local photographer Wendolin Mercado will be showing her latest venture, groovy stamped leather  jewelry. It's fun and funky and I know you will dig it.
Andre' Jones our Drum Circle facilitator will be sharing the philosophy of drumming. It's about connecting to the beat within you. Healing, like rhythm, comes from within you.
Julie Maxey will be showing mixed media painting technique. Julie will be joined by her grandson Preston Pennington who makes Industrial lamps.
Anne Bell and her granddaughter Zoe will be sharing their love of painting.
Nov. 9-10
Sat. 10-5
Sun. 12-5
Pick up a map at Diggin' It for the Studio Tours
507 N Tennessee
For more info go to
Diggin' It 
Tracey Collins
507b North Tennessee Street
McKinney, Texas 75069