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Lisa Love Harris
Author of First Monday Murder, Lisa is a vintage journalist and gypsy spirit who juggles domestic goddessing with her passion for writing and collecting vintage treasures.

Lisa has more than 25 years’ experience as a journalist/editor/writer and 16 years as owner of Garden Cat Antiques. She was in Antique Company Mall in McKinney, TX for 12 years prior to her move to Washington, and contributed articles for
McKinney Living magazine (now called McKinney Magazine.)  In addition, Lisa has worked as editor of This Week on Okinawa, and as Student Information Coordinator at The University of Oklahoma College of Liberal Studies.
She's traveled many of the same blacktops as her protagonist, Jimmie Rae. Although thankfully there have been no dead bodies, there have been plenty of flea markets, road food, Texas blues, quirky characters and fabulous friends.

She lives with her 1981 prom date and husband of 30 years, their two teenagers, a slightly spoiled, but sweet dog, and spunky old cat.

Lisa is a member of Sisters in Crime, SinC Guppies, and Writers' League of TX.  

Join Lisa on her adventures down the blacktop at
She’s on Twitter as Lisa Love Harris and Facebook as The Garden Cat and also an author page as Lisa-Love-Harris.
In addition, she can be contacted at

A Jimmie Rae Flea Market Mystery
First Monday Murder by Lisa Love Harris is a sassy cozy mystery with a distinct Texas twist
Driven by her mantra of 'peace, love, and all the good stuff'’ and her junkin' addiction, Jimmie Rae cruises the blacktops looking for vintage treasures and unique antiques. She gets more than she bargains for when she finds a stash of stolen goods in a junk store bathroom and then discovers a fellow antique dealer murdered at the flea market.
The police detective on the case is also her broken-hearted former high school sweetheart and much to Jimmie Rae's distress, he's more than a little eager to pin her for the theft and murder. The assistance offered by a sexy new antique dealer seems too good to be true, but the way things are going, she can't afford to turn him down.
Just as she begins to fall in love with him and allow him to collect her heart like a cheap Cracker Jack prize, the obvious hits her--he may be the killer she seeks. The truth emerges in pieces just like the pattern on her Depression-era quilt.
In true Lone Star style, Jimmie Rae goes after the killer alone, uncovering a bigger-than-Texas sized crime ring that strikes closer to home than she imagines.
First Monday Murder—a murder, a little romance, and a whole lotta junkin’!”

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