Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Journaling for Joy

Journaling for Joy – Nov. 18, Fri., 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Journaling for Joy is about writing from the heart. It’s a journey in self-discovery; what makes you laugh, cry, remember and be grateful…grateful for the little things in life. It will encourage you to pay attention to your life…to be in the moment. Journaling is a tool for understanding yourself and a method to bring greater joy into your life. Join Waynetta as she introduces journaling to discover your inner guidance and the journey to joy.
Waynetta Ausmus has kept a journal since childhood and whether she gleans bits and pieces of stories from her journal writings for her storytelling adventures and radio shows to awakenings of self discovery, she is an advocate for the creative expression of keeping a journal.
Join Waynetta in the magical journey of Journaling For Joy in a delightful 2 hour workshop of journaling exercises in discovering your joy. Come prepared with writing tools (a journal of your choice and a pen or pencil) and a willingness to enjoy the process.
Waynetta Ausmus is a former teacher/principal, a storyteller, radio hostess/producer, animal lover, and owner of a kazillion journals.
$25.00 for the 2 hour workshop

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