Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Making the news!!

We made the press! A dear friend and fabulous gardener Donna Darling wrote this article... 

Groovy MCKINNEY Shop

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“DIGGIN IT”,   a new shop on North Tennessee Street in historic McKinney has vintage garden items and plants for sale. Tracey, the owner is a member of the MCKINNEY GARDEN CLUB. Members and guests of the Garden Club met at the shop for their October meeting.  Tracey has a partly shaded patio that is great for events.  Guest speaker Al Nickerson presented a program “Lasagna Gardening”
Some of the interesting items that caught my attention inside the shop were vintage parasols.  A stone rabbit went home with me. Flats of pansies and violas and some hard to find plants in four inch containers were on the patio. Shop and patio Decorations included large pots of blooming chrysanthemums and all kinds of pumpkins.
INTO MY GARDEN, contributed great food and several cute table decorations.  Garden club hostesses provided beverages, organized and “hostessed” the event. Treasurer, Larry Tunnell held a raffle for T shirts donated by “ DIGGIN IT’
 Second  co vice president, Nancy Davies enjoyed the ancient prayer sheets hanging in a row on a line. In attendance were too many notable local members and gardeners to mention  all of them in this article. Whether you enjoy diggin in the dirt or just browsing you will find Tracey’s shop is “groovy”.Posted by Donna Darling ,S




What a cool shop .... I'm diggin' It.
aka Junk Palace

Angela said...

Hi Tracey!! I've tried several times before to leave a comment, but it wouldn't work. Glad to see that I can now. I dropped into your shop soon after you opened and loved it! I can't seem to get back to McKinney, but I'm anxious to come back by...soon I hope! Love your stuff!!

Lisa said...

What a wonderful article! You're almost famous! LOL! I live in Fairview so I will be by to see your sweet shop!
PS Welcome to Blogland!

Deb said...

welcome to the world of blogging...I'm from Texas too....

The Primitique said...

How very exciting! Valarie sent me over and I look forward to my next trip to McKinney. Looks like one fun shop! ~Mindy